Double Cadence – cont.

Tenor Clausula

The most common variant used for the tenor clausula in double cadences is the following:

A few important observations:

  • The first two notes coincide with the simple discant clausula
  • The half note D occurs on the second half of the beat (only the discant clausula is delayed in this variant). It is possible to delay the tenor clausula as well.
  • The last note is 3 and not 1. This ensures rich and complete harmonies.

Discant and Tenor Clausula combined

Together they would combine like this:

And in minor:

Invertible Counterpoint

As was the case earlier, these clausulae allow invertible counterpoint. Either clausula can be the higher or the lower and they may appear in any voice in the texture.


Practicing the double cadence Discant and Tenor Clausulae in as many keys as possible will greatly enhance your ability to improvise and compose in this style.

Practice double cadences in two parts here.

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