The ‘Small’ Omnibus

The small ombinus is a chromatic voice exchange progression that utilizes the 6/4 figure in the middle for smoothest voice leading:

If we simply focus on the outer voices, we see that it’s the same voice exchange. The inner voices in the harmonies labeled 1-5 simply stay on Re and Fa.

Extending the Small Omnibus

Notice that chord #2 (spelled as a +6/5/3 chord) and chord #5 (spelled as a regular dominant) both sound like a dominant 7/5/3 sonority.

This allows us to reinterpret the last chord (#5) as a new chord #2 and extend the progression.

What key will this lead us to?

Since chord #5 is a minor third below chord #2, reinterpreting as chord #2 will lead us down a minor third.

It also works inverted:

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